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Clay Peterson
Based in New York City

Final Release:

Late October or Early November


Mac / PC





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Arena is a hand painted first-person gladitoral shooter that features: 16 levels, 9 enemy types, 5 spells, a web-based leaderboard system, and an original skybird soundtrack.


For many ages, magic was banned in the land of Kazu. Our story begins when you (unnamed wizard) are caught practicing magic in the wilds by a roaming patrol of city guards.
The king of Kazu is disgusted by your magic and sentences you trial by combat. When you awake in your cell, you realize that you are about to face 16 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. In Arena, you must fight for you freedom to exist as a magical freak!

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Hand Painted

All of the art in Arena is hand painted with acrylic paint.


Arena has a online leaderboard that shows how you rank globally.

16 Levels

Arena features 16 waves of increasingly difficult enemies and boss fights.

Original Music

Arena boasts an original soundtrack by Skybird, featuring live instrumentation.

Share achievements with sequel

Arena is the first in a series of games that will take place in the lands near kazu. Arena's backend allows players to save their achievements in Arena and use them to unlock content in subsequent sequels.

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Game History

Early in 2018 I was working at a bookstore. I had been let go from my programming job and I felt the need to prove myself. I decided to make a game where I would create all of the assets myself (besides the voice acting), and I settled on the idea of a simple wave based shooter.

I had been painting a lot at the time, I was showing art in brooklyn and manhattan, and I realized that it would be fun to hand paint the sprites and textures in Arena. At the time I was also recording music under the name skybird, so I went off and recorded a soundtrack for the game.


Development slowed down for a while but began again in april of 2019. I wanted feedback so I began releasing alpha builds on itch.io and maintaining a development log on tigsource.

In august of 2019, I released the feature complete beta version of Arena and since then i've been maximizing performance and fixing any bugs that players find. The current plan is to release the final build on steam, itch.io, apple's app store, and gamejolt in late october or early november.


Clay Peterson
Art, Programming, Game Design, 3D Models, Music

Voice Acting

Jake Lavoie
The King, Narrator, Audience Memebers

Eben Benson
Zombie, Goblin, Necromancer

Clay Peterson
Player, Archer, Shopkeeper, Sound Effects

John Arvanitis

Mika Levine
Flower Friend

Nick Milano
The Dragon

Billy V.A Karsaliakos
Offsite recording

Nora Kipnis
Audience Members